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Weekly Horoscopes

5 - 11 May 2013


Consider what you say and do well. Wait for the right moment and admit you take things a little bit too far from time to time. You should visit people you feel well with more often. Be careful with your health. A small dip or tiredness won’t just disappear. You need to take better care of yourself and pay attention to eating healthy. Surround yourself with loved ones.


Are the intentions of that certain person genuine? You might ask yourself that. Personally and professionally it would be better to take a little more distance from things. Take some time to look how things develop. You could be asked to work on a new project. Watch out for mood swings. Be careful when you exercise. You might get a small injury.


Things you need to concentrate on will go better on Monday, Tuesday and the weekend. Try to find peace of mind more often and don’t let a difficult situation at work throw you off balance. Listen to your intuition and the signals your body is sending. Your stomach might act up. Make sure you don’t go overboard on eating or drinking.


The keywords are communication and telepathy. The chance someone will work against you in your plans for love, work and money is very small. If someone has objections you won’t have to do a lot to persuade that person. You keep everyone in mind. This week it could happen that you strongly think about someone and all of a sudden (s)he shows up at the door or you might know who is on the other end of the phone before even picking up. These things happen.


As the week progresses you’ll be able to find a better solution for a conflict you have to deal with. It is important for relationships that you talk about your irritations to the person that is causing them and don’t act out on someone that has nothing to do with it. An upcoming stay in a different environment might have something to do with it and the expenses might become higher than expected. 


During the next few days you might feel the need to escape the routine more often. There is a big chance you’ll head out on your own or that you just stop by to visit some friends. It’s also possible you want to take on the role as a leader at work. You might be less motivated for following a healthy diet. You need to get out and exercise more though. Work on your condition!   


People will react strongly to you, Libra. You have all the reasons in the world to keep your mind and behaviour as positive as possible. With a little bit of luck you’ll be able to accomplish a lot of what you want creatively. More will be expected from you professionally, especially around the 8th. There are beautiful opportunities for love waiting for you. You might meet some new friends. The weekend is looking great for that.


You could have some problems with an impulsive person. The first days of this week will be about love. Patience, accuracy and hard work will be rewarded professionally. You will do something you have done before but on a higher level this time. Make some time to meditate. You will blow new life into an old friendship. Take on the challenges that cross your path.


You will probably have to cancel certain personal appointments because of work. Try to find a solution for a problem in the family. The good news is that in the second half of the week you’ll be able to handle these things a lot better than the first few days. You might even amaze yourself by how easily you get a job done or learn something new.


You will probably get further if you don’t get all worked up wanting to be right. Especially in love it could happen that people ask for your opinion and then use it against you. Go your own way more often. Avoid fighting with your partner and focus on things that really interest you. Something pleasant and special will happen around the 9th.


A happy sister, brother or friend could inspire you to let go of things. What starts out as flirting, could easily become a lot more now. Money and material things will become more important from Thursday on. Take some extra vitamin C to improve your resistance. You might catch a cold if you’re not careful. The weekend will bring you a surprise. Enjoy it!


Energy, stability and growth, those are the keywords of this week. Keep on using your mind concerning love, work and health. Have a realistic look on things. You have to make choices and you will need to refuse breaking or bending your principles. If a situation appears where you have to be sturdy, it won’t be any problem for you Pisces. Try to save a little bit for a rainy day.


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