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Weekly Horoscopes

26 May - June 1 2013


Friendships will be in the spotlights during the biggest part of the week. Do you think you are always the one that keeps on reaching out or that puts most energy into a relationship? Talk about it. You should use the 28th or the 29th for important conversations. Friday and the weekend look fine for things that have to do with money and material things. If you take a gamble, the number 6 might be your lucky number.


Thursday and Friday love will be blooming. The first part of the week looks suitable to handle a tough family situation or if you have to arrange things for or with others. That also applies to fixing things at home. At work there could be a big influence of an older colleague. There is a big chance that something doesn’t meet financial expectations.


This period is looking good for your family life. You are probably attracted to all shades of green and blue. You have a lot of resources at your disposal. Is there something you can’t really figure out yourself? A visit to a family member or a friend could give you a push in the right direction. Are you getting a new responsibility for a longer time? Make good appointments before accepting.


The interaction with colleagues and superior will be pleasant. You are great at working together. Take the time at home to do something together. Invest more time in your family and social life. This will work out great after the 28th. The purchase or repair of a device will be more expensive than you thought and there might be some problems with a method of transportation. Your eyes could be a weak point this week.


Your happy mood is contagious to the people around you. You usually know very well what you want and you are probably convinced you are right. Appointments could be cancelled, forgotten or just not met this week. You might be lucky this week because you can get away with almost anything.  Don’t take advantage of it. 


Setting healthy boundaries – at home and at work – is a good thing, Virgo. Do you have a little bit of a headache or a dull feeling? Yoga, meditating, enough sleep, a walk in the fresh air could work miracles. It is important that you write down everything you shouldn’t forget. It’s not a suitable week for a lot of action but it is for relaxing.


Listening, growing and humour, those are the keywords for this week. There might be moments that you will scratch your head in amazement. Does a partner have it out for you, are people unreasonable or does it just seem that way? You might just do the opposite of what you should be doing. It’s advisable not to let any energy leak away to dramas. Don’t be stubborn and feel free to have a good laugh in crazy situations.


It won’t be any problem to focus on something important this week. According to your prediction it will be very suitable days for a studying, writing and a lot of thinking. Even though you haven’t really planned any of this, there is a big chance everything will stay quiet around you. Love and work score 7 this week. Money gets 5 and health 8.


Timing, speed and strength. These things are very important this week. A small battle for power might pop up. It will be over in no time if you don’t get on your high horse. Are you planning something for your study, work, etc? Don’t wait but do it now. Act, Sagittarius! Your judgment will be right and success is within reach. You might get a bit overwhelmed by the news in the media.


Things are looking friendly for love especially because you feel confident and full of life. Completing a difficult task, personally or professionally, will probably take some extra time until Thursday. You prefer to stay on the background but you might have to step forward this week. Read the fine print in financial situations. If you have a pet, you might have to make some extra expenses.


You might feel easily attacked. That would be a shame. Find more distraction, Aquarius. Don’t turn a molehill into a mountain. Find a different approach for your work or study. The first days are the best to deal with financial issues. Try to embrace the changes that are heading your way. Let go of the stress and pressure by exercising more often.


It will probably have no effect if you point out someone’s responsibilities. Emphasize the positive sides of yourself and make more time for your hobbies and relaxing. After the 28th people won’t get another opportunity to lead you on or fool you. You know exactly what you have to do and you are very persistent.


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