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Weekly Horoscopes

3 - 9 March 2013


The first thing that pops up for your sign this week is spending time relaxing and on your hobbies. As the week progresses you like to stay on the background more often. Don’t rush anything and avoid stressful situations. The first days look wonderful for finding a lost object or meeting an old friend.


Your expectations concerning work might be a bit too high. You might have to wait longer for some news, Taurus. This week could become a great week financially. You will get more money in your account or you might save on something unexpectedly. Are you occupied by the preparations of a trip? This week is great for that, you will be able to make the right choices.


The keywords for the week are: sharing and trust. It wouldn’t hurt to take on a more professional attitude at work. Memories of your personal past will become more and more important. You feel good when you are around an interesting person. Try to spend time outdoors, grab a drink, give someone a spontaneous gift and mean something to others.


You are very supportive to a friend who is in troubles. Once in a while you might get the idea that you don’t have sufficient privacy and you find your household chores annoying. Fortunately you will have enough energy at those moments. There will be moments you will have complete control over the situations or that the people around you are less demanding.


If there is a problem within the family you can let it simmer for a while. Make sure that people aren’t to dependent of you at work and that they don’t put too much workload on your shoulders. Do you feel like going for a run, dancing or doing something crazy? Go for it. Positive thoughts and happy feelings will guide you through the week.


Success, essence and performance, those are the keywords. You like to involve others in what you do. At the start of the week creative things might be a bit hard for you but that’s the only negative point this week. The impression people get from you is a very good one. People can count on you, you are able to deal with just about anything and you’re funny. Others love to be around you.   


What you should keep in mind at the start of the week is that you will probably have the tendency to find excuses for all kinds of things. You’ll regret that if you are not careful. It would be good if you could slow things down a bit at work and invest more time in your personal life. The most beautiful days for financial matters will be around the 7th.


A friendly week. The best days for love will be Friday and the weekend. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are perfect if you need to organize something. Don’t give up, a solution is within reach. Listen to your intuition. If some complicated or expensive device breaks down you should get in touch with a professional. Trying to fix it yourself wouldn’t be a good idea.


When it comes to relationships and friendships you like to spend most of your time at home. Your house, garden and surroundings are on the foreground. You will have thought very deeply about everything you start. Things like saving, investing, etc will get a bigger influence as the week progresses. It is important for your health to be more relaxed and to live consciously and healthy.


Clear out your living environment together with your partner. Give yourself some time to sort out your financial issues. Use the days up until Wednesday to handle things that involve official organizations. This weekend theatre, books and movies will be on the foreground. You will find some extra motivation to take care of your body and mind. That’s great! 


You will deliver an outstanding performance at work this week. You are able to go along with changes. Well done, Aquarius. You will easily get along with a Virgo or Pisces, but you should try to avoid Gemini or a Leo. When it comes to love you need to be more patient. If you are facing a difficult financial decision get the advice of a professional.


You could make some crazy quirky jumps this week, Pisces. Around the 6th it is important to be careful and to avoid impulsive behaviour. There might be a tensed mood between colleagues this week as well. You might have different opinions or be amongst colleagues that clearly don’t like each other. Instead of cooperating there is a struggle to dominate each other going on. Try to loosen up but don’t let anyone walk over you.


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