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Weekly Horoscopes

10 - 16 March 2013


This week will be busy, filled with friendship and attraction. Especially Monday and Tuesday will be days when you’re very energetic and you might seem to be running out of time. Wednesday isn’t going to be your best day at the office but could be a good day for finances and love. Thursday, Friday and the weekend get a star on the love level.


The first days of this week will be all about creativity. Making things beautiful, crafting and other creative jobs will give you a lot of satisfaction. These days will also be good to deal with health issues. Be honest, especially in love, do a good deed and set the right example. Think well about how you handle your finances.


You will probably feel a lit low by the end of this week. That could be caused by stubbornness or the lack of loyalty from a friend. It makes you feel awkward. Fortunately the other things are looking better. You will enjoy friendships. The mood will be pleasant at work and you have a lot of energy. It won’t ask any effort to just dive into everything that these days offer.


This week looks great for love. Just pay extra attention to what you say about someone’s looks or a certain habit. A tease from your side could set of a strong reaction. You could be pleasantly surprised about some new you get to hear about work or/and your health. You might have some pain in your joints. Keep on exercising.


You can get completely worked up about something you experience as injustice or dishonesty. Talk about it with everyone. Taking it out on someone else will only offer a temporarily solution, nothing more. Be energetic. Put everything on paper and create clarity. Knock on the door of the guilty party. Make sure you get enough sleep at night. Around the 14th you should put an extra effort into love. 


You will get completely annoyed by gossip, amateur behaviour and people messing things up. In general you will take on a neutral position at work but if things get out of hand you will take action. Unfortunately, pleasant teamwork won’t be a part of this week. What is fun this week: the contact with children and young adults. You might suffer from some tension headaches.         


From Tuesday on your mind might be occupied by a love problem. You know exactly what you want and how you are going to do it. The last days of the week will probably get a unique character. You might choose to change something big about your interior or your looks. The contacts with the people that might assist you to do that, will be pleasant.


You will score 6 this week for love and health, work gets 8 and money will end up with the lowest score: 5.  If you are showing impulsive behaviour there is a chance that, starting from the 13th you will realize that you’re not acting wisely. Are you often on the road these days, Scorpio? Pay extra attention. You might cross the speed limit or be a little distracted and that’s when accidents happen.


Don’t be afraid to face a certain truth. Be strong enough to accept an answer you might not like and don’t look at the situation in black and white. Those things will matter this week. You might sometimes think you are on your own. The good news is this feeling will end by Friday. A heart-warming gesture, a nice surprise or a conversation that will lift your mood is heading your way.


Wednesday and Thursday are the best days for all kind of things for which you have to make an effort and have to be very goal orientated. On top of that you could get the feeling that you are facing something you’ll never be able to conquer. The bad mood of another person might be the cause of you disliking what you have to do as well. You might have little pains here and there without really knowing the reason. This can happen, don’t worry about it. 


You will feel less insecure, especially concerning love. Someone will support you to keep on going like you are going now. That’s great. Nothing wrong about that at all. Everything is looking sunny for work but also for taking a holiday or something completely different like moving. You might be rewarded for something you did at the beginning of the year.


Do you have a reason to celebrate? That’s just wonderful, Pisces. It will make you feel good to relax, to act like a kid again and to have fun together with other people. You will be able to deal with your finances in a correct way. The second half of the week looks good to make an important decision and for luxurious purchases. Enjoy it to the fullest!


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