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Weekly Horoscopes

9 - 15 June 2013


In love or at work someone could pretend to be completely different from how (s)he really is. The differences will become clear this week and this might even upset you a little bit. It’s advisable to have some more fun and let other people’s responsibilities be exactly what they are: other people’s responsibilities. That is really important right now, Aries. If you succeed in doing that you will have a wonderful week.


Attempts to get people to come closer together will be successful, Taurus. It wouldn’t hurt if you admit you were wrong for once too. Don’t be too defensive and stubborn when it comes to love. Prepare yourself well at work. Focus on the details because a colleague might want to catch you when you make a mistake.


If someone turns to you with a problem don’t just blow him/her off. Take your time to listen and really listen. Are you making sure you make some time to relax as well? By demanding some time and space for yourself you will restore your energy. Wait with doing those big chores for a few more days. If it really can’t wait you need to arrange your time in the most practical way. Your social life will be blooming after the 13th.


If you are facing frustration it is wise to deal with it in a calm way. Connecting with a new acquaintance will bring a lot of joy this week. It won’t be just facts that will be important in relationships or professional issues. Do you have mixed feelings about work/study? Find out what is really important to you and be honest to yourself. Take control of your life.


You are focusing on looks too much. What lies within is more important than what you see, Leo. Fortunately the positive energy you invest in your partner and family will be noticed and rewarded. Discussing your health with a professional could lead to good or better results. Keywords for this week are: being stuck, illusion and illumination.


As the week progresses you’ll get busier with planning a trip. You’ll spend more time out of the house and you will arrange things for people that can really use your help. You might do some luxurious purchases.         You are spending money on nice food and drinks and all kinds of things that guarantee a cosy mood. A week filled with friends and love.


Are you saying something because you mean it? Are you supporting what you do? Great. These days, people might think you act too smart or cocky. You are probably not afraid of doing something new. Take advantage of these beautiful days to reach new heights when it comes to love. You might regularly get visitors this week. You see the necessity to be flexible about something. You are a very stable person for others to lean on.


Despite being so busy you know how to focus on the good things in life. No matter what our plans are you are flexible enough to be able to adapt when necessary. You will usually feel really well. You act when it’s needed and you know how to use your intuition in the right way. Anything negative this week? Not really.


What will start to matter more and more will be working on yourself and learning from your experiences. You might be able to learn a lot from a colleague or a professional. Believe that everything will be all right in the end and don’t worry so much. You think too negative from time to time. You are afraid you’ll be embarrassed by something. You will be able to fully use your talents on the 13th


You are such a passionate person and full of personal strength. Work will be more on the foreground this week. It will become important to work together and be an example for others. Things are looking sunny for love and friendships. You might do something completely new this week. Something you have never done before. Your finances will be positively influenced from the 11th on.


Things could get tough with an older family member. You will have a hard time dealing with nosey people. You might have problems with adjusting at work or school. It would be nice if you could take a few days off. The contacts with other Water signs will be pleasurable, Aquarius. You want to spend more time than usual with the people you love.


It could become hard to stick to a certain agreement. Around Wednesday you will probably have to make a decision and grab some opportunities. It’s not advisable to postpone certain matters. Don’t come up with plans that are too complicated. Think well before you act. Gather all the information you need before making any decision. If you do that, this week will be a pleasant one.


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