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Weekly Horoscopes

23 - 29 June 2013


It’s not a suitable week to do business with family members or friends. It’s not a good idea to get into trouble with authorities either. Use your free time to regain some energy. Find the middle road to walk on when it concerns love, work and/or studying. Take your time to deal with some difficult situations. Good luck!


According to your prediction it could take you some more effort to stay calm. You might be a little too careless (in financial situations as well) and a bit too impatient with certain people. Speak clearly and don’t waste time on things that can ruin your mood. The days around the 27th are the best for dealing with financial issues.


Take more time for relaxing. According to you people look over your shoulder too much at work or at home. There is a chance you won’t really appreciate this. Wear something red when you are lacking willpower or courage. Grey neutralizes negative feelings. Thursday, Friday and the weekend are looking great for all kinds of actions concerning your interior.


As the week progress you could start getting restless when an important matter seems to get delayed. An affair form your past could define a big part of the week, just as things that have to do with how you spend your money, like paying of a debt or something similar. Try to act as thoroughly as possible. Listen to a sympathetic woman and wear something green as often as possible.


You are having doubts concerning love, Leo. Do you have to take a decision you should put your pride aside and follow your heart. Personally and socially the days after Tuesday will be the most pleasant ones. Monday and Wednesday are the best days at work/school. Try some new recipes this week. Do something fun like drawing, painting or reading. Take good care of yourself when exercising because you might sprain something. Keep your eyes open in traffic. 


Team up with your partner and get rid of the clutter in a room or a cupboard. Use the last working days of the week for issues that involve the bank, a real estate agent, a notary or a lawyer. You could reach a goal that has to do with love or work, earlier than you thought.      Make sure you don’t react in a rude way to things. You are looking healthy. You are willing to invest in your body.


You are beaming with enthusiasm and you are very generous. You might get in contact with an ex again. You need to be careful with your finances this week. From Wednesday on there is a big chance you will be spending money like water when you’re in a certain mood. Everything is looking sunny for your health so take advantage of that.


You will probably get very busy the first days of the week but after the
26th things are looking better. Those days promises to bring along a spiritual vibe. You shouldn’t pay attention to criticism, jealousy or someone’s irritating attitude. If you handle things like power in a positive way, these days will become pleasant.


You want to have fun. You like to work together with people and grab an opportunity that comes your way. You could find a nice gift for someone. Those things will probably happen this week, Sagittarius. You won’t lack any energy. Results and where things lead to don’t really matter at the moment. You are very social and people like spending time with you.


You like to be the one that is right and other people don’t always appreciate that. Variation and admiration, that’s what you are looking for. You want everything and you want it now. Will that happen? Don’t count on it. It will only benefit you if you are fit when you have to deal with something. Don’t be too generous with your money. You might end something too quickly and you’ll regret that later.


Act a little crazy. You are curious and you’ll get a little push in the right direction. An employer or colleagues might have different ideas about your career, earning (more) money or a certain assignment. The days until the 26th might be a bit chaotic. Don’t listen to any dumb stories. If an intelligent person gives you advice, you should follow it.


Do the activities you are planning to do at your own pace. Let a personal matter sink in a little longer before you do something about it. Let other people’s problems be other people’s problems. The last days are very suitable to arrange your financial issues. From Thursday on you’ll be great in defending your opinion in a persuasive and pleasant way. Don’t hold back, Pisces!


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