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16 - 22 June 2013


You will trust your own judgment less this week. You’ll feel attracted to strong, dominating people and you might have to deal with jealousy or distrust. That’s what your prediction says for your personal life. When it comes to work or financial issues it would only benefit you if you could bring more structure into your life and be as disciplined as possible. Your health scores 8 this week.


What you are striving for when it comes to love is the need to feel safe and secure and finding peace. There is a chance you will try to find a way to easily get rid of something at work. Be alert, Taurus because a colleague or a superior could give you a hard time about it. If you need to deal with official organizations you should try to postpone it until the 18th.


The first days you could have doubts about whether you should say something or not. A small health issue could turn into a serious problem. Someone from your past might suddenly turn up and that might bring some new opportunities along. Take a break. Organize your thoughts and accept the things like they come. Friday and the weekend will be very pleasurable.


You will have to make an effort if you want to change something. Dealing with less happy people or being in a hostile environment might affect your good mood. Be a good host and show empathy. Let other people know you care for them. It won’t be a problem to focus on things that you find interesting, like your work and/or hobbies.


Try to improve the relationship with an acquaintance or a colleague. The last days of the week are the best to arrange things concerning friendships, love and financial issues. Did you catch a cold or flu? Drink a lot of water, herbal tea and juices. Make sure you take enough rest so your body can restore its energy.


Be careful with certain details, Virgo. If there is something you don’t understand or if you experience some criticism as hurtful, it’s best not to immediately be defensive about it. If you feel the need to spoil yourself with something, go for it. These days are very suitable for going out and to experience things that are brand new to you.

You can score on so many levels these days. Socially you are not lacking anything and things are looking friendly for your bank account as well. Unfortunately a shadow could be cast over your love life on the 19th. The last days are best to work as a team. If you are bothered by some physical complaints you should go and see a doctor. Don’t postpone it.


Love, work and money: don’t count on the support of others around you because you have to do it by yourself. People might not react enthusiastically to your plans or the big changes you want to make. Things need some more time at the moment, are you keeping that in mind? It’s a good idea to get rid of any tensions by exercising.


The smartest thing to do at the moment is not to comment too much. It seems like a tough job, but you can do it f you really want to do it. Control your thoughts and don’t let the lesser moments of the day lead you. Try to find out what emotions you are experiencing and why you are experiencing them. You might run into some exciting events. Like it or not, it’s going to be an interesting week.


Things are looking good for a test or some kind of exam. Become more aware of your own desires and needs. You keep on thinking about certain things like avoiding an obstacle or a certain person. Instead of worrying you should try to actively do something about it. You could get a financial windfall. Save it for a rainy day.


You want a lot in a short period of time and you can’t really define what it is you exactly want. You are restless and often don’t put a lot of nuance in stating your opinion. You are very enthusiastic about trying out new things. Adjust yourself a little more. Don’t worry a lot about a certain choice you have to make for the future. Go out and exercise more.


Sometimes it isn’t wrong to lean and depend on others for a hundred percent but right now you should take some responsibilities really serious. Other people’s thoughtless actions could have serious consequences for you at home or at work. If you see that something is about to go wrong, do something about it. Trust your own intuition and insights.


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