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Weekly Horoscopes

17 - 23 February 2013


In your personal life you might have to deal with the limitations that others put upon you. You won’t suffer from any fear to fail and you will probably profit from positive influences concerning work or study. Do you want to start something new but are you having doubts? According to your prediction you can take a leap in the deep end this week.


What goes around, comes around. That’s the first thing that shows up in your prediction Taurus. Something fun awaits you. You will probably do someone a big favour. Work and hobbies are very important this week. At the end of the week you will be able to easily handle financial issues. During the weekend you might have to care for a (new) pet.


It is time for clarity, Gemini. Take that decision or find closure. The negative things this week are: wanting too much from something and getting very annoyed by the opinion of others. The best advice is: stay positive, grab every new opportunity you get and be honest about a mistake you might make. The relationship with your father or a father figure will be important this week. The last days will be great for anything that asks for a lot of energy.


Pay attention to your feelings and talk about what is occupying your mind, Cancer. You might feel pushed into something and get the feeling you are running out of time. Those things can happen. The mood at home will be a lot more relaxed after the 19th.  Even though you are expecting a little bit extra, you should wait with spending it until it’s actually in your account. Put variety in your food and add a lot of fruit. Don’t use too much salt.


The best days for work will be Wednesday and Friday. The first days of the week will be perfect for everything that concerns love. The keywords are intuition, attraction and paying attention. Be alert for signs in your dreams. Try to gain more advantage in what you do, especially in financial issues. Plan time to relax in the evenings.


Is something going to be more expensive and do you need to negotiate? You will be most successful at this during the last days of the week. You might have to get by without the help or support from others. The mood might be a bit quarrelsome. A youthful person or an annoying child, something like that could cause a temporarily unease in your surroundings. If you have set your mind on something, you will have to be persistent, Virgo


Be open to help from others and don’t beat around the bush. By listening and consulting others you will see new and other possibilities. After the 19th it will become extremely important to communicate clearly. Your back is your weak point. Make sure you don’t make any unexpected movements or you might get injured.


If you make an appointment, you find it very important that people stick to the set time. You can be very strict about this at the moment. You choose the direct approach. You want to get what you like more often. You are in a very good mood. You are more possessive than usual. You are hungry for power as well but things are looking great. Have a lot of fun!


Pay extra attention concerning agreements. Be very careful about saving those documents. Be very precise. If you’re planning to buy something luxurious, you should do this during the first part of the week. Be generous with your money. Some relationships might run into obstacles this week. Don’t panic. This is just temporarily. Everything will be all right in the end.


Working with computers, technical chores, fixing things, spring cleaning, mediating during conflicts, getting in touch with all kinds of people – all these things will be a piece of cake for you this week. If someone meddles in your business without you asking for it, (s)he will feel your resistance. You are not waiting for the feeling of being checked all the time.


You will probably get very annoyed by a dominant person amongst your fellow students, colleagues or in your family. Show a little more understanding and interest in others and your week will brighten up instantly. The most pleasant days for love will be Tuesday and Saturday. Everything is going great with your health.


What will matter this week is knowing when not to do something or when to act. An ex could suddenly show up at your door. Try to be very realistic, Pisces. That way you’ll keep an objective look at things and nothing can throw you off balance. A good conversation can work miracles. Are you not happy about your weight? Ask professional advice!


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