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Weekly Horoscopes

10 - 16 February 2013


It will be a nice week. Try to think and act without judging because this will benefit you. You might lack some guts when it comes to love. Insecurity could surface. The choice is all yours of course. Are you avoiding certain situations or will you have the courage to face them? Choose the last one and you won’t have any regrets.


Have faith. A few personal issues will occupy your mind for a little longer. You can make complicated things easily discussable during this period. It will become harder by the end of the week to keep your mind focused. You might get a financial windfall. Try to stay as concentrated as possible.


A lot of Gemini will feel a stronger urge to do what they really like and what they are good at more often. They don’t see any problem in making extra attempts to get closer to their chosen goals. You can add a positive not to a family issue. You feel like learning something new and exploring new boundaries.


This week will be full of harmony. You succeed in getting someone’s mood up by doing something special for him/her. An experience from the past will make you think well about the future. You could feel attracted to the colour green. It is advisable to discuss things together and put important things on paper when it concerns work, love and finances.


It would be nice if you can look at a certain assignment/new responsibility as a big challenge. Don’t dramatize things or choose the easy way out. Avoid jumping to conclusions. Orange and gold are your colours at the moment. You might have some problems with finishing some projects. Don’t let anything hold you back.


The beginning of the week is the most beautiful for love. Later on there will be more mood swings. Something financial might go wrong when a partner and you don’t share the same opinion. You like being able to do all kinds of different things. Everything looks great concerning your health as long as you are careful in traffic.    


Everything will go well if you keep on thinking and breathing peacefully. It is important when to make an effort or when you should wait for a better time for everything that doesn’t involve hobbies or your free time. Later on this week you should make sure to get enough rest at night. Have a great week.


You could feel a bit sad when your partner doesn’t seem to have a lot of time for you. You will probably have to look for fun and pleasant company outside your home. Unless you know how to convince your partner to do something exciting. Things are looking cloudy for financial transactions this week. Your mood will be sunny though and you are full of good intentions.


Tuesday and Wednesday will probably be pleasurable days at work. You should stand up for yourself more often in your personal life. A phone call or message could make you feel bad at first. It will all depend on how much the other one is willing to do to cheer up your mood. If this doesn’t happen there will be a big chance you will make someone pay for how (s)he behaves.


The first few days you will have to be careful with what you tell to acquaintances, colleagues and/or your boss. The other days family issues, looks and creative things will be on the foreground. The last days are the best to prepare a surprise, buy a gift or find a bargain. If you have doubts about a financial plan, ask a professional for advice.


Others could start to notice more often how faithful and loyal you are, Aquarius. Listen to the advice of someone who has experience. Give in to buying something nice for yourself, just keep an eye on your budget. Don’t do anything complicated this week, especially when it comes to exercising or chores around the house. Avoid extreme physical efforts until Wednesday.


According to your prediction it could happen that you would really like something while the other person doesn’t feel like it now. Keep yourself calm until Wednesday, at least. Delay your plans for a little while. The chances for success are higher after Thursday, especially when you change tactics. It wouldn’t hurt to be willing to return a favour to someone. Don’t keep on babbling about the same thing over and over again.


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