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Weekly Horoscopes

4 - 10 August 2013


It gives you a great feeling to be independent, especially when it involves money. You need some room to breath. The best days of the week will be Thursday and Friday. Due to your efforts you will get something done without even having to thank anyone else. You really defend someone’s rights. The person will appreciate it.


Don’t let your worrying about a certain matter affect your personal life. It’s hard for you to work together with other people at the moment. Making compromises isn’t your strongest side at the moment. Things look better from Wednesday on. In general you could say that the second half of the week is going to be better and you’ll feel a lot more grounded. Find your balance.


Your ups and downs could start affecting your relationships and friendships. You might have a bad day but don’t let it ruin the entire week. It would be a good idea to do some cleaning. You can get rid of some clutter in your house and in your mind. When travelling you could encounter an obstacle or an unexpected change. Be as flexible as possible.


Broaden your horizon and take a look at things from a positive side. You often ignore someone whom tells you something you don’t want to hear. It could be smart to listen once in a while. You might spend some money on a vehicle or travelling plans this week. An event from the past could still have consequences for your future.


You often put yourself on the background in your relationship. Your partner might not know that you feel a bit left out. Step into the spotlights and tell him/her that you need some love. Are you making sure nobody can take advantage of you? When you start something, you will finish it. It might take a little while but you’ll reach your goal.


Nobody is safe for your charms, flair and sense of humour. You can enchant anyone. You effortlessly interact with everyone. You confront someone with certain situations and (s)he will start to think thoroughly about it. Don’t be afraid to show your weaker points because it actually shows how strong you are. Nobody is perfect and that’s just fine.


Tuesday, Friday and Saturday will be the most productive days this week. You want to move that body! You are opening up to some creative experiments and you don’t mind doing some extra chores. It’ll be a nice week. You feel loved and want to send out love into the world as well. Your friends and loved ones will be spoiled with attention. Pay attention to your eating habits.


Colleagues could play an important role this week. You might be thinking about a new project. Ask a friend for help and dive into it. It will take some time to sort things out but after that you’ll have a perfect start. The days after Wednesday will be good days for your health. The weekend might be filled with parties and events. Make sure you get some time to catch your breath as well.


Think first before you act. You might regret it later on if you just dive into something. Afterwards you might discover it was just an illusion. You and your partner seem to have different opinions about the way to do things. It’s a great time to get a pet if you are thinking about that. By the end of the week you will feel reborn.


This week it will be easier for you to connect with younger people. They are easy to talk to and you do some pleasant things together. From Thursday on you might have troubles concentrating at work. This could last the whole day and Friday but after the weekend everything will be okay again. Make sure you pay attention when you are walking during the first few days of the week because you might trip or take a misstep.


Everyone has the right on his/her own opinion, so don’t force yours upon others. You don’t like being told what to do. You might find it hard to control yourself. Try to keep a low profile. Don’t be too fanatic. It’s possible your expectations in love are too high. Listen to your intuition and do what your heart tells you. You could get a nice financial surprise.


You’ll need to plan your time carefully this week. You probably will have to wait for something and you don’t like that at all. When you are meeting new people you put yourself on the background. That’s not necessary at all. People like being around you. You are keeping a good eye on your budget. That’s great because an unexpected expense is lurking around the corner.


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