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Weekly Horoscopes

25 - 31 August 2013


Create some emotional balance in your life. Right now you have a hard time understanding your own feelings. You need to figure out what matters to you and set your priorities. If this is too hard on your own it might be a good idea to get some help. You shouldn’t be ashamed of that. You might get a small financial windfall this week. Negotiations with an employer will bring you good results.


The ability to analyse things perfectly and your memory are your strongest points this week. Starting from Wednesday you’ll be occupied with work. During the weekend you might go on a little break or trip. Your partner wants some attention as well. You are out of the house more than usual and you are helping people out with all kinds of things. You are going to spend more money on luxurious things and that’s okay as long as you can afford it. Keep an eye on your budget.


You look at things from an optimistic point of view and that’s great. You will learn a lot from your experiences or new people you meet this week. You need to believe that in the end everything will work out just fine because it will, Gemini. You come up with some great ideas so don’t wait to see what’s going to happen. Take action and believe in yourself.


What will you do when you meet someone who has a completely different view on love and work? Will you start a fight or will you listen? You might get upset about the differences between you. Maybe you just want to win the fight for the sake of winning. You can surely find some similarities if you decide to work together and not against each other. Everyone has the right to have his/her own opinion so just let it be. By the end of the week peace will return in your life. 


Stick to your promises, Leo. This is very important this week. You will need to make a tough decision, probably on Wednesday. Grab all the opportunities that come your way. Don’t procrastinate. Wild plans aren’t a really good idea at the moment. You might get an injury so be careful what you do this week. Nothing serious, but something annoying. Try to be less impulsive and think about the consequences before you do something.


Listen to your intuition, Virgo. It’s telling you something very important. It’s going to be important to not only look at the practical sides but also at the emotional sides of situations. Maybe you have doubts about what you study or your job? Is it really what you want? By the end of the week you will have figured out what to do exactly. You love being around other people. Try to plan some nice evenings out with friends.    


From the 27th work will become extra important. You need be able to work as a team this week. Things are looking great for love this week. You feel the need to do something new. The weekend is the perfect time for that. Do something you have never done before. You feel as if you can move mountains. You are bursting with energy and that feels great. Cherish your loved ones and spend time with your friends.


You have a hard time focusing at work at the beginning of this week. You prefer to just daydream. Make sure you get enough rest at night because insomnia might be your best friend this week. Your social life is blooming. You are thinking about hosting a party or inviting a lot of friends over for dinner. Go for it! It will be fun. If you have some big tasks to do you should divide them into little tasks. That way it will be easy to tackle this job.


Even under pressure you still look at the bright sides of life. Your ambitions and how you perform will become a little less important this week. You are focused on how you feel and your emotional life. You can express yourself so clearly this week. Dive into your creative side and be amazed by all you can accomplish. It’s going to be a fun week, Sagittarius. 


You are full of energy and feel like a true leader. Invest time and effort in the projects you want to accomplish and keep on smiling. You should only say something if you really mean it. Other people might find you a bit too bossy. Try to loosen up a little bit towards others. You can still be strict to yourself but not everyone enjoys being told what to do. The last days of the week will be filled with love.


Things aren’t looking so great for studying or work this week, Aquarius. If you are able to take some time off, do it. You need a break from your hectic life. You love being around the people you care for and you feel the need to spend more time with them and do more things together. Try to avoid sensitive subjects though. A regular conversation could easily turn into a heated one and you don’t want that to happen. Stay calm at all times. Everything is going to be all right.


You have been wrong about a certain issue and it would be a good idea to admit that you were wrong. Your loved ones will appreciate this. You are making attempts to get closer to some people and you will succeed. Don’t just take things for granted, especially at work or in the financial department. Life doesn’t always give you presents, Pisces. Prepare well and grab every opportunity to reach your goals. Work hard for your dreams!


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