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Weekly Horoscopes

21 - 27 April 2013


Jealousy, issues about money, etc... these things can really ruin the mood at home, Aries. It looks like the problems will start to disappear by Thursday and that you find emotional harmony again. It won’t cost you a lot of effort to find the right people or organizations to help you take another step towards your goals. Don’t be modest or passive.


A stay in a foreign country could start to play a bigger part. During the week you will get nice results if you help others by searching for solutions to their problems. The first days are the best for chores around the house. Your ability to judge and to see things in perspective is peaking at the moment. Outside influences will have little to no grip on you.


Sunny prospects for love and work. You will score 9 in those departments. You don’t have to necessarily prove yourself and you are able to work well in a team. The days after Wednesday could be suitable to do a little gamble. Aquamarine could help with allergies or complaints about the eyes. This stone also stimulates you to deal with unfinished business.


Pay attention to the signals, Cancer. You can be a bit impulsive this week. You might bump into something on the Internet that you find interesting or you might meet someone who can warms up your interest in something. Contact with an ex will be less pleasant this week. Your somewhat erratic behaviour can annoy people. You just think they should deal with it.


Love, work and finances: you need certain things at the moment. Are you feeling like a victim, are you neglecting duties or do you want to know what is waiting for you around the corner? Take action, Leo. Don’t hide behind anything and show some adult behaviour. Bare the responsibility for your own life. That’s the way to do it. Try to control the mood swings.


Clean out what has become redundant, Virgo. A situation that is hard to handle could come up at work or at home. It could seem as if nothing works out, whatever you do. Keep on doing things that give you a good feeling and don’t stand still with issues that seem to be stranded. It’s a great period to try your utter best for everything that concerns your financial situation.


If you are forcing things at any expense you will find out later on the week you won’t be happy with the result. Go with the flow a little bit more. Do positive things that do suit you. Avoid insecurity and judging people you know. The best days for money and health will be in the second part of the week.


Strength and development. A lot of you will have the courage to completely turn the wheel around if you feel that things aren’t going well the way you are going now. The first few days you will probably still wait and see but as the week progresses this will completely change. Listen to subconscious messages. You are able to overcome obstacles without making an effort.


People see you as funny, charming, a little bit naughty and somewhat impatient. Some days you will take on the battle against resistance. You won’t be able to hold your attention focused for long enough and you could complain about all kinds of little diseases. Keep your partner’s or other family member’s feelings in mind. Your muscles are your weak point.


You could take a waiting attitude at work or in relationships this week. Did you recently get new tasks or are there matters that you are unfamiliar with? You might feel a little bit down because of that. Try to find the right balance between your personal and professional life. Avoid being around negative minded people.


When it comes to love and friendships you won’t postpone anything until the next day. Don’t forget to enjoy as much as possible. With the exception of Wednesday and maybe Thursday, these days will be perfect to do anything you want. Your involvement and enthusiasm in things will make others want to do the same. Your creativity needs an outlet.


Take better care of yourself, Pisces. Don’t take things too personal when people react in an unexpected way to you. There are no real peaks or lows this week. The only negative point might be your physical and mental immunity. Try to be as strong as possible. Don’t let anyone get you down.


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