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Weekly Horoscopes

14 - 20 April 2013


The negative points during these days will be overestimating yourself, pretending you can do/understand everything and being a bit overconfident when you are in the spotlights. Favourable prospects concerning love and work are there for working together, having conversations and reminiscing with a friend. You know how to judge situations and you find a great way to use your energy. Open up to new things.


You have to set boundaries. Accept people and situations as they are. You might be confronted with teenagers and their problems this week. What shows up for your sign is that you will temporarily work less and be at home more often. The days around the 17th look best for arranging all kinds of things that concern your personal situation. Financially Thursday and Friday seem to be the best days.


Friends could ask for more attention now. You will have a bright and sunny week when it concerns friendship and a positive cooperation between trustworthy people. Make sure you don’t spend too much on your looks, especially during the first days of the week. Watch your budget. The well being of a friend will be put on the foreground.


Do more things together. Save up for something fun and work on a common goal. Are you deciding to avoid some people for a while or are you running away from certain problems? Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be something that will fix itself, Cancer. It is advisable to look for the middle road between duty and enjoyment. These days are less suitable for dealing with important financial issues.


The first days of the week aren’t really recommended for work and study. You can expect nice days for love and work after Wednesday. This period is suitable to arrange anything that has to do with official organizations from the 17th on. Make sure you don’t react too impatient or too impulsive. Whatever you are planning to do, do it calmly but in your own unique way.


Someone might meddle in your relationship without being asked to do so or with work. It’s possible. The chance this will throw you off balance is small though. Allow yourself to accept a tempting offer. You can focus on yourself a little more without causing problems with others. You are able to solve a situation. It’s going to be a pleasant week. Do you feel like going on a trip? It is looking great for a holiday.


Things that have to do with art and creativity will prosper this week. You need to clearly state what you want in relationships, Libra. Avoid flattery, excuses and beating around the bush. Don’t expect any immediate reaction from the other person. Be as patient as possible. As the week progresses, things are looking better if you are waiting for results or expecting interesting news.


You are having fun in something. You show you are interested in other people. There will be a peaceful vibe in the air. You don’t really find education and status important and you are willing to do a good word for someone. This week seems to be a blessing. Unfortunately the last days will bring some lesser moments for money and work. Don’t let things escalate.


It would be good for you to head out once in a while. You shouldn’t be passive or wait for someone else to come up with an idea. Take some initiative. Get out of the house more often and don’t let certain character treats like stubbornness or being rebellious take the lead. Try to turn your plans into reality. Make your dreams come true.


You want to hold on to everything you have already got or you want to mainly do things that make you feel safe. Starting from the 16th you have the tendency to do this more often. Try to have a more relaxed attitude and to lower your tempo. Your muscles and joints are your weak point this week. Be careful when exercising.


At the beginning of the week you put yourself in a vulnerable position. This might be hard for you to do but it would be a shame if you lock yourself up. The consequence could be missed opportunities. You will have to make a bigger effort at work this week. Use your willpower to finish certain tasks with success. The second half of the week is suitable for important purchases.

Keywords this week are: control, shortage, loss and being assertive. Be careful that people don’t abuse your trust and take advantage of you, Pisces. Fortunately there will be days when things will be a lot more pleasant. If you are challenged on the work floor you will be strong in your choice of words and your arguments. Defend yourself and stick with your opinion.


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