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4 - 10 November 2012


Are you missing someone? You might consider re-establishing contact with an old friend. These days are perfect to make an appointment and/or put your thoughts onto paper. Someone could use your support and will really appreciate it when you are there for him/her. Make sure you read the fine print before signing anything.


It would be wise if you start preparing yourself for something important this week. It’s not advisable to take on a passive attitude or to sit around and wait to see what happens. You have to take action. Get some clarity and react in a calm and peaceful way to others. These things are very important during the last days of the week. Show more interest in your surroundings.


The prediction says you will have a lot of reserves to use this week. Do you have a problem concerning your health or have you lost your overview about certain things? After the 6th your energy levels will skyrocket. Together with that you will feel the urge to prove yourself. Making people laugh, unexpected visitors, things that aren’t a part of your planning… nothing will be a problem for you.


You are trying to reason about everything and you could handle a sensitive person in a rough way this week. Until Wednesday it wouldn’t do any harm to be less touchy and snappy. If something is bothering you discuss it in a calm way. If something goes wrong, so what? Either you attempt again or you let it be. It’s that simple.


You long for too much luxury and you are exaggerating with passion. Let news sink in first. Do something with what you hear but take the effort to find out if it’s the truth or not, Leo. Fun messages or nasty gossip could give you a completely wrong image of someone. Things could get tough at work or in relationships. With a little bit of extra patience things will be sorted out before the week ends.


You might be a bit too focused on the outside and looks these days. It’s okay to want to look good but are you paying as much attention to your health as you are to the mirror? You are more generous than usual. Your expenses for yourself, social contacts and friends will rise higher than planned. You easily get along with Gemini and Pisces. Fun is guaranteed.    


Until Tuesday things are looking peaceful and quiet. Afterwards things will come your way, which will keep you busy. Solving a financial situation could be one of those things. You might have to urgently arrange something for someone close to you, like a family member. People could ask you for help to babysit, consult an organisation or visit a sick person. That’s what will matter this week.


Things are looking bright. A lot of Scorpio lower their demands and are more patient with kids and adults. Special days will be Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You can make people feel at ease and you are a good listener. You will be loved, that’s for sure. The best days for all kinds of actions concerning money will be around the 7th.


The afternoons will prove to be the most effective this week. Plan, when possible, things on these hours of the day. Financially you’ll book some progress and you might get a windfall. Make sure you keep a good view on your finances. It might be a good idea to do some bookkeeping. Be careful with exaggerating when it comes to forcing others to do what you want.


Your life is looking wonderful socially and for loving relationships. The only down point this week is that a superior or a teacher gives you an assignment for which you have to work extra hard. There is a chance you will think this is hard and dishonest. Show your best side though and you will see that you’ll be able to impress him/her. Set your boundaries and stay faithful to your own principles.


You could be busier than usual with learning something new or your job. You feel the need to take part in a good cause. You successfully defend fellow students/colleagues that are less verbal than you. You are able to sort out what is your responsibility and what isn’t. This last item will show up in the second part of the week. Don’t take on too much work just because you are able to do it. Make sure it is something you really have to do and that it’s not something that someone else has to do.


When you are happy, everyone gets to enjoy it as well. There is nothing wrong with this, especially now. Wherever you are or go, just be yourself. Everyone will like your ideas at the moment. At the start of the week you have to make sure you clear up a misunderstanding as quickly as possible. Love and work score high this week. Your health and finances are looking good too. There is nothing to worry about.


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