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Weekly Horoscopes

25 November - 1 December 2012


At work it will be important that you don’t start making mistakes when you are absent minded and make sure you listen to the advice of someone you know well. You will feel best when there is some routine especially when you spend more time at home than usual. After the 27th people will demand more time from you and the chores at home will become important.


This week will be about following your intuition. An unexpected phone call, a surprise visit or getting a new career twist at work, everything is possible. According to your prediction almost nothing can throw you off balance and you keep on being friendly. Is there a difficult issue you have to deal with? Don’t worry, the right people will come along.


You appreciate it when someone offers help when you are busy. Romance and passion aren’t in the spotlights this week. In most case you’ll hang out like buddies and work on something together. Tuesday and Wednesday it will be important to handle things as quickly as possible in the most efficient way at work and when it comes to finances. You will be able to get rid off that extra energy by going to the gym or by jogging.


An encounter with a (former) soul mate will be of great importance in your relationship this week. Try to have a positive view on a certain change and prepare yourself well for an important conversation, exam, test,… Don’t do anything you have no knowledge of at all. It would be a bad idea to try to convince people to do something they actually don’t want to do. Mind your own business.


You’ll be intensively in touch with your family and friends. Be careful: around the 27th you could get tangled up in a dispute. You won’t have any problem with any water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) to make professional deals or to have some old fashioned fun. Green Aventurine could be helpful when you are feeling restless, having sleeping disorders or heart problems.


Courage, persistence and being assertive will be rewarded.      A proposal from your side might be rejected at first but will be positively judged later on. According to your prediction there is a big chance that you will be amongst a rich and interesting crowd later on this week. You have a perfect chance to give great guidance to young people. You see the humour of things and you are in a very creative mood.


Being honest, that’s what it’s all about. If something is bothering you, talk about it or your partner won’t even understand why you are being quiet and moody. Set your priorities at work. Do what is most important first. Do you think something could use some improvement? Come up with a plan. If you are behind the screen for along time or doing heavy physical work, it is important to mind your posture and make sure you take enough breaks.


You will be good at studying something that is connected to your personal growth and development. You are ready to perform. It is a good time to do some artistic exploring and you can find some things to break the daily routine. You might get annoyed with small pranks of a person you know. If you have a pet, you might get an unexpected expense. Don’t let this bring you down.


If there are single persons in your circle of friends it might be worth it to look around to see whom you can connect to someone else. You can be a real matchmaker. You will be a lot more active with shopping and going out until Thursday. And even though you will spend a lot of your budget, it won’t really bother you. Group activities can be a lot of fun. Have you ever considered yoga?


It could be that a partner wants to do a lot of things together while you prefer to be on your own to handle all kinds of things. Almost every workday will be good to make plans and to discuss them with colleagues. You are able to focus on every little detail. You might be able to easily get rid of a debt or pay of a loan at a higher pace than you thought at first.


There is a big chance you’ll have a tough start of the week, Aquarius. There will be days that it’s going to be hard to get out of bed and you will have less energy. Those days will bring along a darker mood as well. Fortunately it seems that this influence will disappear after the 28th. The sky will clear up again, especially when someone has a nice surprise for you.


It will be important to let go of useless things. You might feel tired and have some stomach and/or bowel problems. Drink a lot of water, eat more fibres and less sugars. Avoid drinking coffee as much as possible. This will only benefit your health. Regular exercising will help as well. Let yourself be spoiled by loved ones and take some time to relax and get back on your feet.


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