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Weekly Horoscopes

18 - 24 November 2012


The days after the 21st look best for love and anything you do in your free time. Equality is very important to you. Lesser days will probably be Monday and Tuesday. If you are an Aries who doesn’t really get worked up about slow working organisations, it will be an advantage. There is a big chance appointments suddenly get cancelled and that you’ll have to wait a little longer to get some news about a situation.


At the start of the week something could pop up, professionally or personally, that won’t be easily solved. It will be hard to keep on investing energy into this awkward issue and it can really exhaust you but it will be worth it. You’ll spend more money in your time off and on beauty treatments. The last days of the week aren’t good for spending a lot of money.


In love you will probably need anything that gives you a rush instead of peace and quiet. You want to explore your own way more often at work. This will start showing from Thursday on. You are getting into action and you won’t avoid confrontations during the last days of the week. Your endurance will be tested in the health and financial area. Be as reasonable as possible.


Safety and protection are the main items for love. This water sign will be thoroughly grounded at the moment. Cancers will be active in the fields they are used to while they stay interested towards things they are not (yet) familiar with. A nice week seems to be coming your way, socially and professionally. Some nice opportunities are waiting for you just around the corner.


Some beautiful romance could flourish this week. Turn your knowledge into practical things at work this week. Worry less about what others might think about you and make sure that other people’s problems don’t suddenly control your life. Finally start doing something that has been on your wish list for a long time. Don’t let anything hold you away from your dreams.


The first days of the week will be pleasant. The days around the 21st will be okay as well as long as you tackle that small obstacle in the morning. It will be important for you not to avoid obstacles, Virgo. Believe in yourself and try to figure out what really matters, those things will be really important this week. Don’t let anything pull you down. Keep on smiling.      


Stability will be the keyword this week. It will be important for love, your job, money and health that you start making plans for what you want to accomplish. The people around you will appreciate it when they know what is coming and why. Be calm and clear when explaining your intentions. Choose your words wisely so nobody gets hurt. Don’t be so defensive.


If there is something you can’t figure out on your own, you should ask a friend or a family member to help you out. Make sure you get enough sleep at night or enough rest during the day, especially if you are recovering from an illness or surgery. Thursday and Friday seem to be the best days to take an important decision. These days will also be good to research anything that has to do with eating healthy or to once again pick up an old hobby.


A week full of variety. At the start of the week you could have a hard time working together with others and you are not the biggest fan of following the rules. You could get lucky with forcing someone else to say something or to take a decision but not after Wednesday. The last workdays will be the most productive ones. Trust your own abilities and be amazed by what you can accomplish.


Some sunny predictions this week. There won’t be any moment on which you feel uncomfortable around people. It would be even better if you could free yourself from work for a few days and just do nothing. Are you amongst those that have to stick to their daily duties? Thanks to the fact that you give the impression that almost everything is discussable you will turn these days into pleasant days.


Inspiration is the keyword. The positive thing about your prediction is that happiness, luck in love and good news are on the foreground. The most important thing to you right now is being faithful and the friendship of people that are close to you. It won’t be a very productive professional period but this will improve by the end of the week. It is wise to be careful and alert when you are around your superiors and colleagues.


Up until Wednesday you need to be careful with postponing certain things, Pisces. And make sure you finish what you start. This should especially be applied to anything involving love. Do something fun with your partner. Don’t waste time regretting a wrong choice you made in the past or on being indecisive. Fluorite brings out the best in you, physically and mentally.


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