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Weekly Horoscopes

30 December 2012 - 5 January 2013


With a positive attitude towards study and/or work you will make certain developments go faster and better during the next few days. Ten to one that people will see that you have learned from previous experiences. Involve your partner, family members or colleagues in your plans. You aren’t afraid to talk about your ideas with them. Just like last week you like it when other people feel good. Prepare yourself for a great end and a beautiful start.


It is going to be a busy week. Less positive this week is that some people tend to ‘forget’ their mistakes easily. Something like that might bother you. You will probably snap at them or call him/her to talk about responsibilities. You don’t really have to sleep longer or rest up. You prefer to take action and have a crowd around you. That will guarantee some fun times at the end of the year. Your joints are your weak points.


Don’t unnecessary sacrifice yourself or try to protect a colleague for something (s)he did. Don’t invest energy in someone when you won’t get anything in return. When you go out, don’t feel guilty about it. Talk about problems in a quiet and friendly manner. Have some old fashioned fun with a good friend. Do you have doubts about a purchase that will change your looks or interior? Don’t make any decision yet. Take your time to sleep on it.


During the days after the 4th you can trust your feelings about what you think is good. At the start of the week there is a bigger chance to make a mistake at work. Fortunately the stars are in a good mood when it comes to helping a hand with fixing a problem. You might run into a somewhat strange person. This will lead to a great start of the New Year. Have a wonderful time!


You will get very emotionally involved with someone you got to know recently. Fine days for the daily routine are Wednesday and Friday. The weekend is better for other things like situations that involve numbers and money. You might suffer from high or low blood pressure. Make sure you see a doctor if this keeps on bothering you.


The most beautiful days will be the 31st and the 1st. You will get enough reasons during the entire week to look back at it with a satisfying smile. Do what you are good at. Observe, solve problems and guide the people around you so they don’t drift from the path. Don’t let other people’s emotions pull you down. Enjoy the fresh start of a new year.    


What can bring you satisfaction right now is getting the work you postponed done, being creative and making time for someone you haven’t seen in a while. Don’t start anything without finishing it. It would be a bad idea to spend hours in front of the TV and snacking too much. With the start of the New Year it would be a good idea to set up a plan to go to the gym or exercise at home.


Until the 3rd you will probably act first and think later. What often comes up with your sign is being able to handle thing when it’s necessary and to let important things come first. Nothing can ruin your good mood. You will take things easier from the 4th on and you’ll have more time for other things. This New Year will blow a new wind through your professional life.


A steady mood, being able to entertain yourself, the first workdays of the New Year seem to be pleasant days. These days are also good days to make things right in the family again. As the week progresses a tough situation could pop up between you and a colleague or you and your boss. It is good advice to find an objective person to mediate.


What shows in the stars for your sing is taking the right decision about a professional situation and expressing yourself in a healthy way. You could pay more attention to the fact that you often pretend to have knowledge about everything. Are you looking for a new partner or friendship? Take the initiative, Capricorn. Things are looking great concerning love and your social life.


It seems that you don’t have any problem accepting that not everything works out straight away, Aquarius. Whatever it is, when it comes to being creative like acting, painting, dancing… you will profit from a pleasant period. It is possible that you make an effort for something that will offer you more comfort in your living circumstances. You could spend more than usual and need to keep an eye on your budget.


By Thursday everything will look a lot brighter. The others days you could have problems with making an effort. You might depend more on others than usual. You don’t like to give things that extra push. Make sure that you don’t do anything that will cost you extra money. Someone around you will let show you that (s)he is extremely charmed by you.


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