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Weekly Horoscopes

2 - 8 December 2012


Pay attention, especially you single Aries. These first days of December are great to meet new people and to gain some new experiences. You could feel obliged to put more time in your work. There is a big chance that you will easily get through these kinds of things. Your prediction points out that you are flexible and fit now.


Don’t distrust or worry about something you don’t have under control. Try to prevent these negative thoughts from taking over your life or influencing your judgment. Find some distraction. Do something that makes you happy. Things are looking bright for everything that has to do with getting rid of a debt and arranging juridical situations.


You like to please people. You are caring for your partner and your family. Everything looks friendly at the moment. These days aren’t really fit for big changes. You know what you are doing when it comes to money and work. Be selective when you choose someone to help you out or to advice you. Your teeth are your weak point at the moment. Wearing onyx is advisable.


You are able to concentrate on everything that involves art, literature, movies, history and politics. You should take advantage of these days when you have a talent or interest in these subjects. You get a green light for turning plans into action. Certain things are coming your way from every possible side. Don’t worry, Cancer. You’ll be successful in what you are about to do.


You might get some criticism on something you have done or some long-term plan concerning your personal life and work/study. You are too sensitive from time to time. Just go ahead with your life and pay less attention to others. Do what you can do and try to develop those talents even more. Take a good look at your own abilities. You can achieve more than you realize.


When you start something you will want to finish it. This applies to personal and professional situations. You could get some problems with having to stop doing things or postponing things because someone else clearly wants that. You are driven. If nobody gets in your way, this week will be fabulous. You are ready to face any obstacles that come your way.          


This is going to be a fairly productive week filled with variety. You will have some conversations about something from your past and or something you would like to change in the future. Be open to experiments when it concerns work or relationship. You are ready for more passion in your life. Find the courage to live your life to the fullest.


There could be days that you appear to be a bit distant, until you feel challenged. When that happens people will suddenly see a powerful and passionate Scorpio. This will happen mostly during the first days of the week. From Thursday on you will pull up your shoulders more often to all kinds of things. It seems to become an interesting week, whatever happens. Especially when you accept that invitation to a social event.


A strong will and a good organization are in the spotlights this week. You’ll get annoyed about waiting for something to happen. A friend could ask for more care and attention even on moments that aren’t really convenient for you. A big advantage is that things are looking great for your social life. You will get through the week without being too rude or restless.


You will have to take some safety measures. Everything that makes you feel safe and that will improve your confidence is playing an important role this week. The most beautiful days to negotiate or make a big purchase will be until the 6th. Are you a bit tired? Try to change something about your eating habits and you’ll feel the energy flowing back.


The keywords this week are: endurance and looking ahead. Your urge to be creative will be bigger at home than at work. You will find more inspiration and you will be able to deal with other people better when you are amongst people that voluntarily come to you instead of amongst people that you are obliged to spend time with. Keep your anger in control. Don’t trust everyone that crosses your path. You are able to face everyone wearing a smile. Well done!


You are the one that stays calm during a conflict. Mediating goes well at the moment. When someone is taking advantage of things it will cost you a lot of effort to stay calm. Friday and the weekend will be top days for love. Someone with a lot of charisma might sweep you off your feet, Pisces. Thursday and Friday are the best financial days.


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