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Weekly Horoscopes

14 - 20 October 2012


You are driven, a true leader and full of energy. Say something because you mean it. Fully support what you do for a hundred percent and keep on smiling. According to the prediction there is a big chance others will find you too bossy or conceited if you are not too friendly. The first days of the week will be great for love. At first a creative project wasn’t going so well but this week you will score high with it.


In love it wouldn’t be bad to think about a certain issue and to admit you weren’t right. Your attempts to get people to come closer together will be successful. When it comes to work and money you shouldn’t take anything for granted. You won’t get any presents, Taurus. You have to prepare well and take all the chances you can to reach your goals. Work hard and then work a little harder.


Your attention could slack easily at work. You prefer to daydream instead of working. Until the 17th you have to be careful to get enough sleep at night. Insomnia could bother you. You should wait a little longer before you do any big chores. If there is something that really can’t wait you should divide your time in the most practical way. It will be fun to get a lot of visitors or even throw a party. Your social life is marvellous.


Being around other water signs will create a lot of fun. It would be wise to listen to what your intuition is telling you, Cancer. When it comes to personal and professional matters it will be important to look at the emotional side as well and not just the facts. Do you have mixed feelings about work or study? Are you not happy with the mood on the work floor or at school? As the week progresses you will find out what you have to do.


Just imagine that someone has a completely different view than you when it concerns love and/or work. What are you going to do? Are you heading into battle? Are you fighting to prove you are right or will the differences become clear and does that upset you? That would be a shame, Leo. You should find similarities instead of fighting. Promise yourself you will have more fun and let someone else’s opinion be what it is. Even though this will be hard to accomplish, you will brighten up your week.

Your strong points are your memory and the ability to perfectly analyse things. After Tuesday you will be occupied with work, your partner and maybe even a trip. You are away from home more than usual and you arrange all kinds of things for people that need a little help. You like good food and drinks, luxury items and transportation and you will spend more money on it. Don’t exaggerate.   


The predictions for work and studying aren’t that great this week so it would be perfect if you would have the opportunity to take some time off. You easily get along with Taurus and Gemini. You like being together with the people you love and you long to spend more time with them. Things could get tough with Aries and Leo this week. You have a hard time discussing sensitive subjects.


Even when you feel pressured you will succeed in focusing on the nice sides of life. Whatever you do this week it will be less focused on ambitions and performing. You’ll be able to express yourself in a healthy way. It is important to relax. Try to discover your creative side. You might just surprise yourself. This will be a very pleasant week, Scorpio.


Work could be on the foreground starting from the 16th. It is very important to be able to work together well during this period. Starting from Wednesday things will look fun and full of variety when it comes to love. You might feel as if you have to conquer something. This weekend will be spent in a completely different way than usual. You feel a sudden urge to try something new. Go for it!


It will be very important to keep a certain agreement or promise. On Thursday you will have to make a tough decision and you should be smart about the opportunities you take. It isn’t advisable to keep on postponing things personally and professionally. Don’t make any wild plans and if you do make them, don’t do act on those plans. Everything will work out if you react in a less impulsive way and you think thoroughly before you act.


You will learn a lot from your experiences and you have an optimistic view on things. A new colleague might be someone you can learn some things from. Have the faith that eventually everything will work out well, Aquarius. Don’t worry so much. Believe that, whatever you have to organise or whatever ideas you come up with, all will be well in the end. Believe in yourself!


Try to find an emotional balance. You will get insight in your own feelings and you need to figure out what is really important to you. If you can’t do it by yourself you should consider getting some professional help. There is nothing wrong about that. If you are negotiating with your employer you could come to good agreements and results. A small financial windfall seems to be heading your way. It is okay to take a small risk.


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