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Weekly Horoscopes

9 – 15 September 2012


A fight or stubbornness could mess up the mood. A happy friend or colleague who is around could be the one that you need right now. This person will help shift the mood again soon with attention and some humour. The nicest days for love are around the 12th and the first days of the week get a little star for work and health. Financial matters involve luxurious expenses, birthdays and parties at the moment.


You can be quite fanatic when it concerns your personal life and work. You set yourself a goal, stick to it and will work hard for it. Whatever you will do or try this week, keep in mind that making a mistake is completely human and normal. From Thursday on your social life is looking great. You will get a boost from a little trip.


You can look at things from two sides. You should give others the chance to take initiatives and show some understanding. The least you can do is listen to what the other person has to say. Use your willpower for positive things. Invest money in things you really believe in. Keep your health checked up and pay attention to your eating habits. It’s going to be a quiet, normal week.


Things are looking good for friendship and love. You are having a hard time with dealing with the tension between some colleagues at work. Fortunately you let it slide off soon and that’s just fine. You might look into following a new course or studying something new. You will take certain steps to improve your professional position in life.


Practical to know: family, friends and neighbours could bring you advantage. This week you’ll be able to find quite a few bargains. If you have a few days off planned, you will probably find more than enough time to relax. You are focused on the way you look. Keep an eye on your mental and physical health. Don’t outrun yourself.


It is very important to express your emotions. If you don’t like what you get to hear from someone else you have the tendency to turn away from him/her for a while. This distant attitude can be kept up for a little while but everything also points out that you will refuse to cooperate in an annoying conversation. Be careful not to want too much at the same time. Even though you have a stressful job, you won’t have any problem dealing with anything that comes your way.


You are more occupied with your own dreams and ideals. Working together won’t attract you at the moment. It could be a disappointing experience as well. You might be disappointed by the attitude of a partner or colleague. Things start to look better from the 12th on. In the second half of the week you’ll be less critical and you will be able to transfer your knowledge and ideas in a better way.


The main theme is movement and curiosity. There is a big chance that this is going to be a fruitful week. You handle things in the right way in relationships, at work, when looking for adventure or in your daily routine. The only negative things this week could be that on Thursday you’ll act too impulsive when it concerns health or finances.


There is a big chance that you discover an original way to surprise someone. You establish contacts with others quickly and simple. A party could be a nice distraction from the routine. There will be an important personal development this week. You are wise in handling small financial problems. Watch out because you might be a bit clumsy this week. You have a hard time handling responsibilities.


This week you could encounter someone new. A lot of flirting might happen and it might even turn into a new relationship. Real setbacks won’t happen this week, Capricorn. Your persistence will make it able for you to get something done without needing to thank anyone for it. It makes you feel good to be independent, especially when it’s financial independency. Wednesday and Thursday get a little star for social contacts and your personal life.


You are being unpredictable from time to time. You have a somewhat impatient attitude this week in combination with certain naughtiness. A lot of Aquarius will be wanted this week. Be honest about your minor points and don’t try to be better than someone else. This week there won’t be any great days to handle financial matters. Use the last days of the week if you can’t postpone things.


What matters this week are artistic activities, doing more physical exercises and maybe invest some time off in extra work. Don’t let others take advantage of you later on this week. When it comes to finances and health things are looking great. Wednesday and Thursday seem to be the ideal days to receive good news.



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