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Weekly Horoscopes

16 - 22 September 2012


A productive period comes your way with maybe an exception on Monday and/or Tuesday. If you take on a defensive position or if you are not being really tactful at the start of the week, you are looking for troubles. The other days you will feel much better, socially and creatively. You score a 7 for money and health issues this week. Wait patiently until the right time is there and act then. If you do that, this week will go just fine.


The best thing to do in love is following your heart and put aside practical matters. One way or the other you keep on resisting a (necessary) change. Friday and the weekend aren’t look good financially. It’s not advisable to run away from a certain situation. The light is green for using your creativity to look for solutions.


The predictions look good towards relationships and work starting from Wednesday. You need to talk about what is on your mind. Open up to the ideas of others and know what really matters. It’s not a good time to make major changes. You have to be careful with wanting too much things at the same time. Try to have a relaxed week.


You will feel less happy from time to time if you need to deal with people that have a hard time catching up with your pace or have a hard time understanding everything at once. From the 19th on you will be able to go your own way more often. You like speeding up things and being independent. This week will turn into something you like to look back to. You might catch an infection. Make sure to drink as much water as possible.


As a Leo you like getting in touch with people that glow with life. Your social life is blossoming and everything that has to do with relationships will be splendid this week. The ones that have to focus on work mainly this week will be less happy. Try to make some time to boost your energy by hanging out with friends even if you are extremely busy. You might find out who your real friends are.


You won’t be rushed in your personal or professional life. You refuse to be pushed into a corner and that’s amazing. You might get a little restless because of a news item or some gossip as the week progresses. It doesn’t have to be that important though and you should stay out of it as much as possible. A lifestyle composed by extra exercising and eating healthy will be fruitful. It is a great way to boost your immune system.


You will get enough reasons to continue on the path you have chosen because of the compliments you are getting. Your superior is very happy with all the knowledge you have. So called difficult conversations should be avoided at the start of the week. Wednesday and Thursday are fit for a lot of thinking. The weekend promises to be pleasant concerning love and friendship.


From the 19th on it would be the wisest to play along with the changes in life. After finishing challenges you will be rewarded. People that know you will understand that you offer a bit of resistance though. You will make things easier for yourself by trying it at least one time before denying it. Success is within reach. Watch out for catching a cold.


You are evaluating something from your past. You are looking into the lessons you have learned and clearing away obstacles. The first days are perfect for sorting certain things out and spoiling yourself a bit after you have finished doing that. By the weekend people might demand more of your time, professionally and personally. Your health is looking good. An overall pleasant week.


Structure and clarity are important this week. You want to make more efforts towards your partner or work, Capricorn. Your own preference will go out to unusual actions. There are not a lot of taboos for you. Is something not going well? Can’t you find any improvement? You will make a decision by freeing yourself from something.


You will like to do the things you are good at. You might have to tell someone that the world isn’t made of black and white. After Wednesday matters that concern your study, work or income will demand your attention. Give them priority. That’s hard but necessary. You will have to deal with mood shifting this week. Don’t work it out on your loved ones.


All contacts regarding love and relationships will work out smoothly this week. The only negative point that can be mentioned is frustration from your side because you have to wait a little longer for certain results in your professional life. Try to focus your attention on other things as much as possible. You can’t do anything about it at the moment. Go for a bicycle ride when you can.



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