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Weekly Horoscopes

12 August 2012 – 18 August 2012


The first days of the week there will be a bigger chance for small fights. From the 15th on that influence will disappear again. The atmosphere will get friendlier. That’s possible because you are willing to help someone and on top of that you’ll be able to improvise better. Don’t give in to feelings like self-pity and vengeance. It’s advisable to consult others more often. If you are considering a diet, now is the time to start.


You are ready to take a challenge or to take a step you never dared to take before. Feel free to say what you are thinking and take actions according your own opinions. Even if others will question some of the things you do, they will appreciate what you are doing. There are no real negative things coming your way this week, so go ahead and have some fun!


When we look at love and work the keyword will be ‘doubts’. You don’t really know if you should or shouldn’t do something or how it will look when something goes wrong. You might even loose a night of sleep over it. You don’t feel like making a big effort for things. You want to avoid the feeling of being stuck on something. You’ll get far if you stay realistic and be persistent.


Just be yourself this week. Try to be more patient with a partner and find things that make you laugh more often. The contacts with Taurus and Virgo are going really well. It’s not wrong to want to work as independent as possible from Wednesday on, but try to work together on the first days of the week. The best days for important issues are the 15th and the 16th.


Things aren’t going so well with Taurus and/or Aquarius at the moment. You could disagree with the way something is going at the moment. It’s important to pay attention to the details. From Tuesday on the days are good to buy gifts and to handle money in a responsible way. Friday and Saturday will be the best days for standing up for yourself and having important conversations. Be extra careful in traffic.


You have the tendency to put yourself on the background, Virgo. You might feel the need to exaggerate in love and even at work. It’s good to say no once in a while. You can get rid of any aggression or stress by exercising. Don’t pretend that nothing is wrong or force yourself to look happy. That will only backfire in the end. Think about the consequences before you do something.


Love, friendships and diverse activities will be important these days. Say yes to that invitation when it’s offered. You will be able to re-establish your friendship with someone that you lost touch with. It will be very successful. You are able to take a decision concerning a relationship. Light blue and/or green colours really appeal to you at the moment. You are having a financial break. Be smart and save some for later.


You are hard to get through too and you are having problems with adjusting to changes. The most pleasant day for love will be Wednesday and the weekend. Tuesday and Thursday your work or a money issue could cause minor problems but there is a big chance you’ll be able to solve it. By the end of the week you’ll have something to celebrate.


It will work better if you admit that you’re insecure sometimes and you actually envy someone for their abilities (or their looks) instead of reacting in an angry way or saying ugly things about the other person. You could easily get into trouble with Pisces or Capricorn at the moment if you are unfriendly. Wednesday and Thursday look great for meetings at work. From Friday you should try to avoid anything that has to do with numbers.


Thursday and Friday will be fine days for all kinds of things that ask for your concentration. There are some positive twists in your social life. What’s nice to know is that you’ll be able to adjust easier to the company you are in. The chance you’ll feel rejected or unpleasant is really small. Try not to be too hard on yourself.


Try to visualize things. Picture yourself how something will happen in the most positive way possible. You think it’s very important at the moment to do what you believe in. Don’t take everything out of someone’s hands. It’s ok to trust your intuition but don’t fully rely on it at the moment. Avoid any impulsive investments. Blue and turquoise will have a great effect on you. Your health is doing great.


Most of the days you’ll be able to be busy at work or at home. That will mostly be a pleasant thing. You don’t think it’s an annoying task to plan or organize something. You don’t mind getting to the bottom of a financial issue. There is a big chance that from Thursday on things will start pulling you down so it is advisable to go to bed a little earlier. Make sure to take extra vitamins.


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