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Weekly Horoscopes

8 July 2012 – 14 July 2012


Sensitivity, solidarity and illusions are this weeks subjects. This week’s prediction is not completely positive but there is nothing you can change about it. Stay grounded especially when it concerns relationships. Don’t escape into fantasies and daydreams too often. Take steps if you are facing certain questions. After the 12th there seems to be a change and you will feel understood again.


Do you have to talk about something, give comments or explain how something really works? A little tact wouldn’t hurt even though you don’t have to make things look better than they really are. Make sure you don’t spill any secrets. Other things that could be going on this week are taking new roads to find a better income and rejecting things that cost you a lot of money.


It would be good to finally take a decision this week that involves love or your career. Clarity is expected from you, Gemini. Otherwise you’ll be forced to choose. If you have had your time with something or if you are really attracted to something, don’t hesitate to profit from the wise advice of someone you know. Listen carefully and see how it affects your heart.


It’s great that you’ll finally be able to make some decisions this week, Cancer. And you do it in a daring, somewhat cynical or very charming way. If you see an opportunity that can make things better for you, jump on it. Make sure you don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself. Too much rushing could cause problems and lead to traffic violations. Keep that in mind.


Things to expect this week could be related to spending money, jealousy and paranoia in relationships and all kinds of things involving pets. Are you getting what you deserve? Do you think there is an honest division between you and the people around you? There is a big chance you won’t get a lot of cooperation. Fortunately you keep your eyes wide open. If you are treated in a dishonest way, you’ll know how to react.


Socially you score high this week. You are meeting an interesting person. You might be very enthusiastic about a certain proposal at first but later in the week you might start having doubts. Around the 11th it will be important to stand up for yourself. Listening to music will be a perfect mood booster. You show a very intelligent approach on situations at work, financial matters and your health. Keep it up, Virgo!


It’s not advisable to tell a white lie, Libra. There is a huge chance you’ll get caught. Be yourself and use the power that lies within you. What is of importance this week is that you listen to the advice you get, starting up new projects and looking beyond the obvious. If you want to impress someone, now is the time to take action.


Let go of as many things as possible that no longer matter. Focus with renewed energy on positive and maybe even exciting things. If you do that, you won’t regret it. Be decisive in your personal life, at work and concerning finances. You’ll gain a lot of advantage if you are willing to give it all you got this week. Eat as healthy as possible, your body needs some time to strengthen.


This week seems to be educational to say the least. Now is the time to gain knowledge. You will need some time to deal with a tough decision in your personal life. You got a green light for using your (professional) contacts. You have to let your money roll for yourself from time to time as well. If you do something for someone else, don’t expect something in return immediately.


Most days this week will be quite pleasant. You will have to set your boundaries though and give your opinion without becoming unfriendly. By the weekend you could lack some optimism and it will look less sunny for love. You could get some unexpected financial help. It’s very important to eat well and sleep enough.


Most of the time the contacts with people will go smoothly and pleasant this week. Do you need help with something or are you looking for support? The bond with someone you know will become stronger if you open up to it. Be careful at work on Monday and Tuesday. People could see your contributions as you wanting to meddle in their things. It’s fun to be lucky in games. Some things that bring you profit will pop up.


Hopefully you will be able to spend more time outdoors this week. The daily routine might get to you otherwise. The influence from a colleague at work could bother you. Use your common sense. That’s the best thing you can do for now. It’s not advisable to just follow your intuition. It is important to pay attention to what you spend money on. Are you having a little health issue? Go see a doctor!



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