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Weekly Horoscopes

29 July 2012 – 4 August 2012


If you were mainly active last week things will be different this week. You prefer to take things easy at the moment and like to do your own things at home or somewhere else. It will take some effort to pay attention to what your partner is actually saying. If you are patient and friendly to yourself, you will behave in the same way towards others.


Self-respect and reality are the keywords this week. It will start to matter more that you set your boundaries. You will be able to enjoy love and all the small things in life. Count your blessings. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be great days. You might miss some opportunities if you aren’t willing to make some changes. You sometimes react fiercely when you should stay calm. Work could be a little tough this week.


A few lesser points this week, concerning your personal life are the somewhat old-fashioned opinions you have and jealousy that’s lurking below the surface. A different work or living environment could pop up. Do you want to go follow a new course or find a new job? Do it! The prediction is very favourable. You might find some interesting deals this week. Watch out with always wanting to buy the latest trends.


You will stand up for the less fortunate ones and you think idealism is very important. Are you paying attention? Without really noticing it you tend to give the impression that you think you are very competent. From Thursday on things are looking well for letting go of obligations that are pulling you down. The last days of the week the focus will be on having an open view on the world and finding an outlet for your extra energy.


Until the 2nd you have the tendency to keep messing up even if you know better. Fortunately these things never last long. Your partner or someone you can really get along with will make you see that you need help to reach a solution. You might get really upset with someone that says one thing but does another thing. Try to take some distance.


You will be able to work on your confidence and your independence. Keep your possibilities open. You might be able to plan a trip to a foreign country. I you can be a little bit milder, in love and at work, and not block yourself emotionally this could be a very nice week. If you are suffering from a cough, it’s time to see a doctor.


Things are looking friendly for love. Do you feel tensed or are you extremely tired? Get a massage with a mixture of some sweet almond oil and a few drops of essential oil like lavender or ylang ylang. If you are suffering for a migraine or painful neck/shoulder muscles it might be wise to wear a stone like amethyst. It is worth a try.


You will be able to courageously face a little setback. Well done. You work to find solutions and try to avoid extremities. It might be wise to save some money for later when you really need it. Take extra vitamins if you need to strengthen your bones or loosing a lot of hair. Build up your inner strength and resistance by meditating. Try to confront the world with a realistic attitude.


Are you a little nervous? Where something blue because this colour has a relaxing effect. It is important to let the real you take control of your life. Don’t act as if you were on stage or try to sweet talk to get what you want. This will only backfire on you. It’s logical that you don’t feel like exercising if you have muscle pains but it’s very advisable to get some fresh air from time to time.


A sweet Taurus, Virgo or Pisces will bring you distraction and cosiness. You have more guts at the moment. You set your priorities and get a lot of satisfaction from your work, study or creativity. Unexpected breakthroughs are possible at the moment. Colours that fit you are light blue and all shades of brown. You might get a windfall, maybe even win a price. You’ll be able to gain some advantage if you keep your eyes open.


Feel free to look for inspiration in everything you see. Take time to broaden your horizon. Are you looking for something new or are you suddenly interested in spiritual or unusual subjects? Head out more often. Do something with your interests. Oppressing your feelings is something that you should avoid. You could get stomach or skin problems if you keep everything bottled up inside.


If you are a little insecure about the feelings from someone at the start of the week, you will see that you are able to interpret the signals better and better as the week progresses. You’ll be attracted to green things this week. You’ll be able to consider the advantages and disadvantages of a certain financial situations. Make sure you write down the times of all your meetings. Light stress could surface around the 2nd of August.


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