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Compatibility Sagittarius and Cancer

Is it true love or a train wreck waiting to happen? This remains to be a question to the observers of the Sagittarius-Cancer compatibility. Looking at these signs individually, we get a domestic Cancer, the Crab who rule the realm of home and family life. Forming a stable home is on top of their priority. They hold their loved ones in their pocket, making all possible ways to protect them and make them happy. Sagittarius, as symbolized by an Arrow are restless adventurers who long for freedom, not the least interested in settling down and giving up their liberty even for just a minute. They would love to bring the Crab along but the latter wouldn't budge, just not their kind of thing. That leaves Cancer waiting for their adventurer partner to return. Once they do, the Archer would be delighted to come home to a hot meal and an adoring partner.

When the days are good, the Cancer-Sagittarius compatibility is a picture of a passionate match. There is a strong sexual chemistry between these signs. There will always be love sparks flying inside the bedroom (and outside).

The problem starts when the adventurous Arrow stop coming home or when the patient Crab get tired of waiting. Each sign will try to change each other to support their needs. Cancer, in their sought for togetherness will keep the shades drawn to prevent Sagi to get the sunlight and air that they need. In retaliation, Sagi will start to get loose of the their partner's grip no matter what and with their rebellious nature hang out with rowdy people. This will escalate the Crab's insecurities resulting to a dangerous  battle of tempers between the two signs. Both partners will fight stubbornly and will quickly become frustrated by the other, a train wreck.

True love is the only thing that could possibly make the Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility improve. They need to top their individual strengths- Cancer's innate kindness and gentleness and Sagi's good-heartedness. They know in their hearts that they don't want to hurt each other, but they just can't help it sometimes, especially when their priorities are threatened. When true intervenes, this couple could learn to tolerate the one another. The challenge, however is to make both partners, especially Sagittarius to stay long enough to get deeper into the relationship and develop their desire to sort things out.

For the Cancer-Sagittarius relationship to work, both signs need to adapt to each other's rhythm through hard work and keen listening. Once they do, this pair can learn from each other. The Crab can teach the Arrow about the value of emotions and add a practical caution to their wild adventures. In addition, Cancer can be a perfect fit for Sagi in terms of planning and implementing. The latter belong to the Mutable signs who tend to move from one venture to another. Cancer, being a Cardinal sign can be the instigator of new plans. Sagi can also introduce their partner Crab to the world of risks, adventures and spontaneity. Cancer learn the virtues of an open mind over constant and inflexible determination. This means that the Crab lightens up and forgets about their worries. They begin to understand that their partner isn't fit to stay in a cage. The Arrow will soon fly and if the Crab opens the window and trusts that the Arrow will come back to the nest, their partner will deliver, gladly coming home to the embrace of a loving partner.


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