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Psychic Ability - Working with a Mentor

Am I Psychic?

“I experience Déjà vu, am I psychic?” This perhaps is one of the most common questions asked by those who experience déjà vu. It is true that déjà vu is a psychic phenomenon but it takes more than this to be a psychic. To psychics, seeing the future is precognition. Déjà vu is just a hunch or feeling that comes to anyone when they experience something that felt like it happened before.

It is said that everyone is psychic. This may have been the reason why some experience déjà vu. But being a psychic means you are able to control these phenomena at command. Psychics have gone through years of training and experience to develop their psychic ability. Psychics can see things before it happens and not just as it happens.

Those who experience déjà vu do not even have an idea how the event happened before. They just think it did. This is not acceptable if one is psychic. Psychics have a different perspective as they have the ability to see the future, the past, even the present as it happens in other parts of the globe. Psychics have a better insight than just hunches.

Why déjà vu happens is still a question but somehow it is now accepted as a natural occurrence and that it can actually happen to anyone. There is nothing wrong in wanting to know why you have experience déjà vu even if it means that you will take the path in becoming a psychic. Becoming a psychic can give you the answers you want to know.

But if you think being a psychic is too much then you can opt the other way and this is consulting a real psychic. If you are experiencing déjà vu too often already, a psychic can give you the enlightenment you need.

Having A Mentor

One way to develop the psychic abilities that are innate in you is to work with a psychic mentor. A psychic mentor is someone that has herself developed her own psychic abilities. She is someone who has the capability to teach you on how to use and enhance your psychic mind. Your psychic mentor will however only be effective if you allow your psychic mind to function on a higher level so she can teach you how to communicate with the prophetic realm.

Working with a Psychic MentorMost psychic mentors will help you develop your psychic mind by doing a psychic reading for you.

She will want to make sure that you know and understand how it is to do a psychic reading.  She also wants to guide you on what it takes to strengthen your psychic reading abilities and help you become a full pledged psychic reader.

There are a lot of psychics who enjoy using their talents to see through the spirits to help others develop their own psychic talents. If you are serious in developing your psychic abilities a psychic mentor will first assist you to understand who you really are.

A psychic mentor can help you develop your full psychic potential only if you let yourself think of who you are in your mind before you can become who really are. 

You therefore have to allow yourself to go through a psychic reading to determine if you have what it takes to be a psychic reader. Although everyone has inherent psychic abilities, not everyone is ready to develop such a skill.

You may want to simultaneously work with a couple of psychic mentors to reinforce the need to develop your psychic talents. The more you learn and understand how different psychics work in helping other people, the more you will realize how your psychic talents can help other people, too. Release your apprehensions and allow yourself to unleash the truth about own psychic talents. A psychic mentor can help you realize all these things.



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